Pelargonium Photos

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  1. Nice photos of the Quantock Angels now regonised and rewarded by the R>H>S>

  2. Hi Thank you Nick for the publicity of the Quantock Angels.I now have 11 of the plants bred by me that have been awarded the RHS AGM.I have a number of photos including one of Quantock Double Dymond, Trailing double variety and to my knowledge the ONLY double Angel in the world. At the Bristol show last year it won lst and the PAGs Gold Award, had previously on lst and Gold Certificate at the Cotswold Pelargonium show. Happy to send some photos if you can do something with them. Regards Ken.

  3. Hi
    I’m trying too find somebody too ship seeds or cuttings of Pelargonium Zonale yellow. They can be purchase from Bakker Ireland
    Stillorgan Industrial Park
    Co Dublin
    Web site
    They don’t ship too the USA. I will send money too buy plant & shipping etc.
    Thank you for your help.
    Dan Helwig

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